Coach speaks on Carlos Alcaraz being compared to Rafael Nadal

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Coach speaks on Carlos Alcaraz being compared to Rafael Nadal

Coach Juan Carlos Ferrero says he sees some similarities between Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal but underlined Alcaraz has his own path and he is trying to make the name for himself on the Tour. Alcaraz, 18, captured his maiden ATP title this past summer in Umag and he also won the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan.

The Spaniard grew up idolizing Rafael Nadal and now he is being compared to one of the greatest tennis players of all time. “We always say that Carlos is Carlos, he has his own path, his job and his level. Of course Rafa is one of his idols and he has learned a lot by watching him play.

He is very competitive, he has that mentality and knows how to behave on the court, it is that kind of thing like body language that reminds me the most of Rafa, but not so much his game. Being so passionate is great, it will help him a lot in his career," Ferrero Greek website Gazzetta, as revealed on Punto de Break.

Being compared to Nadal says a lot about Alcaraz

Alcaraz is one of most interesting prospects in a long time and he is tipped to multiple Grand Slams and become a world No. 1 in the future. "I'd say you have to be very clear about it.

We talk about it, not much, but sometimes we've talked about it. And we're very sure of the road he wants to follow. So they compare him with Rafa? Great, that means that people think he has a lot of potential. But he has to be very clear, and other people do too, that he has to stay on his own path.

I won't say that Rafa's career is unrepeatable, but almost. Carlos has to have his own career and keep looking forward," Ferrero recently explained to the ATP Tour website.