Paula Badosa reveals what she thought after shaking Rafael Nadal's hand

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Paula Badosa reveals what she thought after shaking Rafael Nadal's hand

Paula Badosa, 24, revealed she met Rafael Nadal for the first time 10 years ago and she shook hands with Nadal. After shaking Nadal's hand, Badosa revealed her first thought was that she would never again wash hands. Nadal is the best Spanish player ever, while Badosa is currently one of the best players from her country.

"[The first time I met Rafael Nadal] I was 13 or 14 at the Godo tournament. He shook my hand. I thought to myself that I will never wash my hands again. He's a great inspiration," Badosa said, as revealed on We Are Tennis.

Badosa enjoyed a breakthrough season

Badosa won her maiden Masters title this year, debuted at the WTA Finals and broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career. "Goodbye to 2021... What a season, I had always dreamed about this moment of being among the best in the world.

After a lot of hard work, I have achieved it and I'm very proud to have reached this point. I have lived many emotions this year and many new experiences. Every day I'm learning and trying to improve to be 1 percent better as a person and athletes.

Thanks to all the fans who follow me and support me unconditionally, I try to read all of you always," Badosa said in a note posted on her Twitter account. Badosa hopes the experience gained in 2021 will help her next year.

"It was very new for me, all these situations, being in these rounds, playing in front of a lot of people. Everything was really big at the beginning of the season, having these results. I think now I quite feel it's more normal and I'm getting used to it. I think that will help me for next year as well if I want to do big things," Badosa said, per the WTA website.