'Rafael Nadal has one thing that...', says WTA star

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'Rafael Nadal has one thing that...', says WTA star

Tomas Berdych was undoubtedly one of the best "mortal" tennis players of the last period. The former Czech tennis player has already retired for a couple of seasons, he did so at the age of 34, an age that today is still considered one where, for example, the members of the Big-3 continue to dominate the ATP circuit.

"I am one of those who thinks that when you have decided something you have to do it. I have never had any doubts about whether I made the right decision or not. I woke up one morning and told myself that it was the end of everything.

If you keep pushing yourself for a long period of time, you don't enjoy tennis as you should. I decided that with 34 years it was time to retire," said the former world number 4. "I am not at all ashamed of the games in which I could have possibly done more.

I look at it differently. There are games that I have in mind in which I should have said enough and finally I kept playing. I still remember that second round at Wimbledon 2010 when I was losing two sets to one to Denis Istomin.

I had some stomach problems and spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom. It was a terrible feeling. I wanted to retire, but I was at Wimbledon and it's a unique moment that you only experience once a year. I got back on track, forced the fifth set and was finally able to win the match.

In that edition I managed to reach the final, beating players like Federer and Djokovic." Rafael Nadal will soon feature at the 2021 Mubadala Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Badosa opens up on Nadal

Indian Wells 2021 winner Paula Badosa recently lavished praise on Rafael Nadal and revealed one of his greatest traits which, according to her, separates him from the rest of the players on tour.

"Rafa has one thing that, for me, makes him unique: he is capable of moving people by playing tennis," said Badosa. Earlier this year, during an interview with MARCA, Badosa disclosed the name of the player she is most intimidated by.

And it was none other than Rafael Nadal. "I remember in the first tournaments, that I saw Rafa Nadal and I was very intimidated by everything he has achieved. I remember in some tournament of him coming to say hello and I half hid or when I saw that I was coming I would go to the bathroom so that he wouldn't see me because he didn't even show up because I got very nervous," mentioned Badosa in that interview.