'Rafael Nadal is capable of moving people by...', says WTA star

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'Rafael Nadal is capable of moving people by...', says WTA star

"There will be no exceptions." The Australian authorities have made it very clear: no tennis player will be able to play the Australian Open if they are not vaccinated with the full guideline, a measure that has not been to everyone's liking.

Much has been speculated about the possible absence of Novak Djokovic, who has always been elusive when answering the question of whether he is vaccinated or not, although everything seems to indicate that the world number 1 will be ready and willing to defend his crown in Melbourne from next January 17.

Who will not travel to Australian lands will be Pierre-Hugues Herbert. The Frenchman has become the first tennis player to have announced his resignation from the first Grand Slam of the season for not being vaccinated. "Personally, I am not vaccinated and the trip to Australia was not an option for me," said the number 8 of the doubles ranking to the French half 'L' Alsace 'Herbert, champion of the tournament with Nicolas Mahut in 2019, already hinted in November that he would not play in Australia, saying that the situation was "complicated" and that he would probably run out of time to get vaccinated if he decided to go down that route.

"For my part, it is a personal decision not to get vaccinated. I don't know how long it will last. I don't know if it is feasible today to be a tennis player without being vaccinated. There is not only Australia. Today, there is the United States, Austria ...

it is a quite complex subject", added the French tennis player. Rafael Nadal will soon feature at the 2021 Mubadala Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Badosa talks about Rafa

Indian Wells 2021 winner Paula Badosa recently lavished praise on Rafael Nadal and revealed one of his greatest traits which, according to her, separates him from the rest of the players on tour.

"Rafa has one thing that, for me, makes him unique: he is capable of moving people by playing tennis," said Badosa. Speaking on the Spanish radio show El Larguero, Badosa highlighted how Nadal's hard work, dedication, and devotion to the sport serves as an inspiration to many.

"I remember in the first tournaments, that I saw Rafa Nadal and I was very intimidated by everything he has achieved. I remember in some tournament of him coming to say hello and I half hid or when I saw that I was coming I would go to the bathroom so that he wouldn't see me because he didn't even show up because I got very nervous," mentioned Badosa in that interview.