'When he moves well, Rafael Nadal is almost...', says former ATP star

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'When he moves well, Rafael Nadal is almost...', says former ATP star

Taking age as a criterion, it is Novak Djokovic who won his 20 Grand Slam (Wimbledon 2021) being the youngest (34 years and 2 months). Roger Federer accomplished the feat at the age of 36 at the 2018 Australian Open and Rafael Nadal was 34 years and four months when he lifted his 20th Major at the 2020 French Open.

20 Slam, it is always Novak who is the master. The Serbian, who turned professional in 2003, won Wimbledon in 2021, which took him 18 years. Nadal and Federer, on the other hand, took 19 years (the Spaniard turned pro in 2001 and won his 20th Majors in 2020, Roger joined the pros in 1999 and joined the feat in 2018).

All the statistics from the last decade lean heavily in favor of the current number 1 in the ATP rankings. If until 2011 Roger had already won 16 slams, Nadal 9 and Djokovic only 1, in the decade 2011-2021 Novak won 19 Slams, one more than those won by Federer, Nadal and Murray together.

The Serbian finished the year as world number one on 6 occasions, compared to a total of 4 times for the other three. Djokovic has also won the finals four times (twice as many as the three opponents) and spent 334 weeks at the top of the ATP rankings, while adding those of the other 3 to 199.

Nadal could not win the French Open

Alex Corretja has warned Rafael Nadal that he will take time to get back up to speed as he makes his return from injury at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, which you can watch live or on demand on discovery+.

The Eurosport expert has cautioned that Nadal may not move freely immediately on his return. "What worries me the most about Rafa's recovery are his movements," Corretja said. "His mobility on the court, his intensity, the way he is going to move, the way he will do the supports when he hits the ball.

When he moves well and is well supported to hit his backhand and arrives perfectly to play with his parallel forehand and dominate, Rafa is almost impossible to beat. The problem is how he gets to that ball so he can be well supported and hit well.

Recently, Rafael Nadal was honored as he featured in the Forbes’ Top 50 Awarded Spaniards. He has been included in the list due to his splendid performances during the 2020 season. In the recent past, Nadal has won his 13th French Open title, which tied him with professional rival and friend Roger Federer.