'The worst thing on a tennis court is having Rafael Nadal...', says ATP star

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'The worst thing on a tennis court is having Rafael Nadal...', says ATP star

The mystery surrounding the presence of Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open 2022 continues. Although the Serbian appears on the entry list of the first Grand Slam of the season, no official communication has arrived from him.

Local authorities have sanctioned the obligation of vaccination for all players who want to enter the country, without any exception. Nole has never wanted to reveal his vaccination status and has repeatedly questioned his participation in the AOs.

The 34-year-old from Belgrade has won the Happy Slam nine times, as well as having won the last three editions. Djokovic, who hasn't lost a match in Melbourne since 2018, would overtake Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the all-time standings if he wins 10th.

The Swiss will not take part in the Australian Open after undergoing knee surgery again, while the Spaniard has just contracted the Coronavirus. In recent days, Rafa had however questioned his presence in Melbourne. In a recent interview with Sport Klub, Andy Murray revealed what it's like to face the Big 3 on their favorite surface.

Murray on facing the Big 3

"When it comes to Novak Djokovic, the first thing that comes to mind is Australia. He is untouchable there. It is an impossible mission to beat him. The number of titles he has there is crazy. Besides, it is difficult to play against Novak on any surface, as he conforms very well on all surfaces.

He is very complete," said Murray in the interview. "I beat Nole twice on grass, so I think I have a better chance on that surface. On the other hand, against Roger Federer, I lost several important matches in grass so I can say it's a bit more difficult against him than against Novak at Wimbledon," added the three-time Grand Slam champion.

Despite lauding Federer and Djokovic, Andy Murray accepted that his toughest opponent on the court has been Rafael Nadal. "I have talked a bit about the characteristics of Nole or Roger, but there is no doubt that the worst thing on a tennis court is having Nadal on the other side of the court.

Perhaps it is the most difficult task in the world of sport, to beat him on a slow surface, especially in Paris," said the Brit. Federer and Nadal were both missing from all the action as they were dealing with their respective injuries. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how these two cope up with the flow of the World No. 1 player.