'Rafael Nadal will retire being a winner whatever...', says former ATP star

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'Rafael Nadal will retire being a winner whatever...', says former ATP star

Other changes, or aspects that are gradually becoming official, regarding the access rules for participation in the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the next competitive tennis season. This news does not surprise almost any expert or enthusiast, given that in recent weeks there have been several changes on the subject, undoubtedly the most talked about since the end of the 2021 edition of the Davis Cup (with the victory of the favorite Russia on Croatia).

Rewinding the tape, the recent adjustments refer to the 72-hour quarantine of athletes as soon as they enter oceanic countries: through a statement from the prime ministers of the states of Victoria and New South Wales, the period of isolation for the players who will have to disembark in Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne, the venues of events scheduled for January.

In Australia it will be mandatory to have administered at least two doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. In recent days, an opportunity has been created for those who have not received the serum to participate in the tour anyway: however, it will be necessary to overcome the barrier of two different expert commissions, convincing them not to pose a risk to others.

(The negative answer of one of the two will also suffice for not being able to play). The latest incredible story, in chronological order, is about the invalidity of the Sputnik serum, which could force some tennis players to resign: not being recognized by Australia (not even in Europe).

Rafael Nadal, who recently made his comeback after a foot injury sidelined him since August, suffered a setback with his own COVID-19 diagnosis.

Alex Corretja on Rafael Nadal

Playtomic held the Padel Awards for the world of Padel tennis recently.

The star guest for the awards was former Spanish tennis player Alex Corretja. “Do you think Rafael Nadal can go back to being the one he was before his last injury?” Corretja was asked. To this, the 47-year-old replied, “Rafa will retire being a winner, whatever happens”.

He talked about what Nadal must do, going forward. “He has to assess how he wants to face what he has left from now on,” Corretja said. His tenacity is something the world knows, and Corretja comments on the same.

“Being Rafa, you always have the feeling that he still has a bullet in his chamber to do something great. You can never doubt special people like him, even if he comes from a very long injury,” Corretja said. It is no secret that Rafa Nadal is in the twilight of his career.

Corretja talks of how there might be another Grand Slam victory in the cards for the Spaniard. “I trust that there is still that great title to celebrate with him. A great title I mean a Grand Slam,” he predicts.