Diego Schwartzman on playing Rafael Nadal on clay: It's like you enter defeated

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Diego Schwartzman on playing Rafael Nadal on clay: It's like you enter defeated

World No. 13 Diego Schwartzman said Rafael Nadal imposes so much respect when you play the Spaniard on a clay court as it almost feels like you enter the court defeated. Schwartzman has played Nadal 12 times and he has just win win over the Spaniard.

Schwartzman's lone win over Nadal came at the Rome Masters last year. "On clay, it is almost impossible to follow the rhythm and dominance that he (Nadal) has. Rafa is the one who imposes the most respect on you when entering the court.

It is like you enter defeated," Schwartzman told Filo News, as revealed on Sportskeeda.

'You feel urgency from the first point against Nadal'

“Federer being so relaxed, sometimes he gives you a game. You enter the Nadal match, and it seems that everything from the first point to the last point, is the last in his career," Schwartzman explained.

“It imposes so much respect on you. It is very difficult to sustain what he does from minute zero," added Schwartzman. Meanwhile, Schwartzman inaugurated a 53-court tennis complex and a lounge in Buenos Aires. "I am very happy to start playing tennis here.

I am very grateful to be here for the appointment of the Central Court. It is very special, I try to enjoy the moment. It’s a beautiful club, a beautiful country. It’s very special to me," Schwartzman told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Also, Schwartzman recalled his beginnings in Tigre, Buenos Aires. "This place was very different when I came to mess with my friends. Some days we kids just played in front of the wall, there weren’t enough fields, so the big boys didn’t let our kids play, so I practiced against the wall.

Years later, some of them still didn’t want me to play … But it was because I started hitting them,” added Schwartzman.

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