'Rafael Nadal plays each point like it's the last of his career', says ATP ace

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'Rafael Nadal plays each point like it's the last of his career', says ATP ace

Fans of the Australian Open are eagerly awaiting. If as far as world number one Novak Djokovic is concerned, the situation seems less and less encouraging, good news arrives as regards the other member of the Big Three who may arrive in Australia.

Roger Federer is now 'out of the game' and everyone is pouring out their hopes of seeing Rafael Nadal on the pitch at the Australian Open 2022. It is a complicated situation given that the Iberian tennis player, winner of twenty Grand Slam titles, is currently positive for Coronavirus and c 'It is to be understood when he will be able to return to the pitch to train for the next matches.

Nadal is one of the tennis players who was infected at the Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament (almost all the men tested positive and among the women also Emma Raducanu and Belinda Bencic) and now we need to understand his situation.

The mandatory isolation period for Coronavirus positives in Spain ends after 10 days and therefore for Rafa it will end next Thursday. To go to Australia, Nadal will also need to present a negative swab of at least 72 hours before taking the flight to Australia.

If initially Nadal appeared perplexed about this situation, now things seem to improve as evidenced by an Instagram story of the Majorcan tennis player. Nadal posted a video where he trains with weights in the gym and appears much more optimistic than a few days ago to be able to participate in the first Grand Slam of 2022.

In addition to Covid, Rafael Nadal has been stopped for some time due to injury and the Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament was his first 'official' engagement after months of absence due to a foot injury.

Nadal returned to action after a long hiatus

In a recent interview with Filo News, World No.

13 Diego Schwartzman heaped praise on Rafael Nadal's prowess on clay. Diego Schwartzman, one of the few players to have beaten Nadal on clay, highlighted just how difficult it is for players to try and keep pace with the Spaniard on the surface.

"On clay, it is almost impossible to follow the rhythm and dominance that he (Nadal) has. Rafa is the one who imposes the most respect on you when entering the court. It is like you enter defeated," said Schwartzman.

In the interview, Diego Schwartzman also explained the differences when it comes to playing against Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. “Federer being so relaxed, sometimes he gives you a game. You enter the Nadal match, and it seems that everything from the first point to the last point, is the last in his career," mentioned the World No.

13. “It imposes so much respect on you. It is very difficult to sustain what he does from minute zero," added Schwartzman.