Carlos Alcaraz on Big Three: Great champions but first of all great people

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Carlos Alcaraz on Big Three: Great champions but first of all great people

Rising Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz acknowledged Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are all great champions but added they are also great people off the court. Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are all tied on the all-time Grand Slam record as all have 20 Majors in their collection.

Alcaraz, 18, is one of the most exciting prospects in a long time and some believe he could be the new Nadal. "Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are great champions, but first of all, all three are great people on and off the court.

They are simply amazing in everything they do," Alcaraz told Eurosport, as revealed by Mario Boccardi.

Alcaraz is being compared to Nadal

Recently, coach Juan Carlos Ferrero admitted being compared to Nadal is an additional pressure.

"He absorbs it very well, without added pressure. Since everyone has started saying that he is the new player who could go right to the top, he has tried to stay in a small bubble. Above all, to try and stay on his own path.

Carrying the burden of comparisons with a player like Rafa [Nadal] is difficult for such a young boy," Ferrero told the ATP website. Being compared to Nadal brings additional pressure but Ferrero added it also says a lot about Alcaraz.

"I'd say you have to be very clear about it. We talk about it, not much, but sometimes we've talked about it. And we're very sure of the road he wants to follow. So they compare him with Rafa? Great, that means that people think he has a lot of potential.

But he has to be very clear, and other people do too, that he has to stay on his own path. I won't say that Rafa's career is unrepeatable, but almost. Carlos has to have his own career and keep looking forward," Ferrero added.