Marc Lopez. Coaching Rafael Nadal is a dream job

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Marc Lopez. Coaching Rafael Nadal is a dream job

Marc Lopez took some time to just observe that Rafael Nadal likes after being added to Nadal's coaching staff for 2022. After the 2021 season, Nadal added Lopez to his coaching staff, that included Carlos Moya and Francisco Roig.

Nadal and Lopez have a good relationship, having won gold medal in the 2016 Tokyo Olympics mixed doubles event. "I’ve shared many moments with Rafa, but as a friend. Now it’s different. At first, I was kind of observing what he likes.

For example, whether or not he likes people to talk a lot when he’s on court. I found it a bit difficult to give instructions to a player who is close to perfection, although I always say that, from the outside there are things that can be improved.

I know Rafa very well. I’ve been watching his matches for many years and I know what he’s thinking when he plays. I feel obliged to tell him things because I want the best for him," Lopez told the ATP website.

Lopez thrilled to be coaching Nadal

Lopez played the last tournament of his career last July in Kitzbuhel.

Lopez is now solely focused on coaching and he says coaching Nadal is a "dream job." "I don’t want to sound like I’m brown-nosing, but I love it. Every day, when I get up and go and have breakfast... everyone is so nice.

It’s the dream job at the moment. I get on very well with Titín [Rafael Maymò], with Benito [Pérez-Barbadillo], with Carlos [Costa] and with his father. And working in the same group with Carlos Moyà and Francis Roig will be good for me in this new phase of my career.

They’ve been doing it for many years and I’ve only been doing it for a short while, so I’m delighted to learn and help with everything I can," Lopez explained.

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