Rafael Nadal: 'We need to find a way that the pain is...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'We need to find a way that the pain is...'

Former World No. 1 Rafael Nadal is grateful for the career he has had as he has achieved much more than he ever dreamed of. Nadal, 35, is one of the most successful players in tennis history, as he is tied with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on the list of all-time Grand Slam records with 20 Majors.

Furthermore, Nadal owns a record 13 French Open titles. After his second-round win at the Australian Open, Nadal was asked about those who felt he would run out early. "Well, the positive is that I achieved much more than I ever dreamed of.

I was able to spend almost 20 fantastic years on tour. The rest of the things are not positive because it comes at the end," Nadal said, according to Sportskeeda. “When you get older, the clock never stops, does it (smiling)? That is the circus of life.

You have to accept that. But everything is fine for me with that. In terms of tennis career, it's fine, you can say I have more experience. I don't understand that positive point (smiling)" Nadal plays alongside Karen Khachanov, the Russian whom he considers a tough rival.

"I don't know. I'm in the third round. I need to win very tough matches to be there. It's not on my mind right now. I have enough work that I don't like," the Spaniard said. "I think playing Khachanov now, probably Khachanov, will be a big challenge.

It's always a big challenge against Karen." Nadal hopes to win a record 21st Grand Slam title at Melbourne Park.

Nadal on his persistent injury issues

During the press conference following his win, Rafael Nadal was asked about the improvements he has made on hardcourts over the years.

"Of course, I was not the best player on hard because for a lot of moments of my career probably Roger and Novak had been a little bit better than me on this surface, without a doubt," Nadal said. "But I was able to compete well during all these years, was able to win a couple of very important tournaments."

Rafael Nadal admitted on Friday that almost everyone in his camp had doubts regarding his latest comeback because of the extent of his foot injury. "Well, yes, of course," Nadal said when asked whether he had doubts about playing the Australian Open.

"First of all, I mean, everybody around me, me included, of course, but everybody around me had a lot of doubts. Not about Australian Open, no, but about coming back on the tour because the foot was bothering a lot of days.

Of course, still today are doubts because the foot, as I said the other day, is an injury we cannot fix the injury," he added. "So we need to find a way that the pain is under control to play, to keep playing. That's the goal."