Somdev Devvarman: You can never write off Rafael Nadal, especially at a Grand Slam

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Somdev Devvarman: You can never write off Rafael Nadal, especially at a Grand Slam

Former Indian tennis player Somdev Devvarman named Daniil Medvedev as one of the top favorites for the Australian Open title but added Rafael Nadal can't be ruled out from the title contention. Both Medvedev and Nadal have been through to the Australian Open round-of-16.

"It’s hard to look past Daniil Medvedev on hard courts, but you can never write off Rafael Nadal, especially in a Grand Slam. Rafa also looks healthy, which is always the big question with him," Devvarman told the Telegraph India.

"In the women’s category, it’s tricky. But I’d go for Ashleigh Barty. In the bottom half, it’s really hard to pick, but Iga Swiatek is doing really well. She was part of my original picks as well. But there are favourites losing left, right and centre, so it’s a tough one to call."

Devvarman on the Novak Djokovic visa saga

Devvarman said he understands the court's decision but felt Djokovic should have been allowed to play. "I understand both sides of the argument. To treat this in an unbiased way, you’ve got to first understand the law.

In case of a misunderstanding, the first thing to look at is, from a legal perspective, if all the steps were followed in the right way. It’s obviously unfortunate what has happened," Devvarman explained. "Personally, I feel that Djokovic should’ve been able to play but I also understand that legally, everything (on part of the Australian government) was by the rules.

The people who had the power to make certain calls made them. I respect the court’s decision, but I feel that he should've played based on the fact that he was given the exemption in the first place. "I think the best answer to this whole Djokovic fiasco has come from Naomi Osaka, where she said that no matter what we think as individuals, it’s not going to have an impact on the actual situation."