Alex Corretja: Strange Denis Shapovalov says that about Rafael Nadal

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Alex Corretja: Strange Denis Shapovalov says that about Rafael Nadal

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja was surprised to hear what Denis Shapovalov had to say about Rafael Nadal as he believes Nadal is one of the most respectful players on the Tour. Shapovalov felt Nadal was time-wasting and he got extremely frustrated with chair umpire Carlos Bernardes for not giving the Spaniard a violation.

Shapovalov went on a rant as he told Bernardes "you are all corrupted." "It is strange that he [Shapovalov] says that about Rafa when, for me, he is one of the most respectful players with his rivals, and I think he is also wrong about treatment in his favour," Corretja told Eurosport Spain.

"With Rafa, they [the umpires] are also always very attentive and alert him that he has to play faster. At the time, at the beginning of the second set, I think Shapovalov was a little tense. He started looking at the clock, and he saw that Rafa was not ready when he was playing very fast, and I think he wanted to speed up his pace."

Corretja: No favorable treatments for Nadal

"He is wrong, saying that he [the umpire] is corrupt, and saying that he gives a 100% favourable treatment [to Nadal]. I think that Shapovalov has got it wrong, beyond the fact that I love the way he plays," Corretja continued.

"I think that an opportunity has escaped him, and he has also felt that. In my opinion, his frustration later in the press conference came from that." Meanwhile, former world No. 1 Boris Becker felt Shapovalov was right.

"If the umpire strictly follows the rules, Shapovalov is right," Becker told Eurosport Germany's 'Matchball Becker' show. "The server decides how fast you play. Nadal was not ready to return within 45 seconds.

"But players like Nadal and also Djokovic or Federer have earned a certain status - nevertheless, you have to follow up on that."