Former ATP ace opens up on Rafael Nadal's behavior

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Former ATP ace opens up on Rafael Nadal's behavior

Rafael Nadal made his seventh career semifinal at the Australian Open, after a marathon lasting more than 4 hours against Denis Shapovalov who dragged on to the fifth set. During yesterday’s match, the Spaniard suffered from heat stroke and a stomach problem which were almost completely compromised in a match he was controlling well from the start.

His coach, Carlos Moyà, was interviewed by “El Partidazo de Cope” where he analyzed everything that happened in the quarter-finals. "I didn't expect it, but the miracle happened. From the end of the second set we saw that Rafa had had a breakdown.

With heatstroke, he was dead. Now this extra day we have will come in handy. We are confident that for the semifinals it will be 100%, ”the former Roland Garros winner made his debut to Juanma Castaño, program director.

At the end of the game Nadal was checked and the consequences of this heat stroke were discovered: "He had lost four kilos. Dehydration was very evident" - revealed the coach, who instead partially glossed over the question concerning the possibility of winning the 21st Grand Slam in Melbourne.

"Within the team, we don't talk about it. Dreaming, of course we dream. Let's hope we talk about it, but on Sunday. Since we've been here, we haven't talked about it." Moya rides the wave of what the bull has already declared by Manacor: "The pressure is there, but the best way to deal with it is not to make it a state affair."

Nadal defeated Denis Shapovalov

Tennis analyst and former player Alex Corretja has described Denis Shapovalov's claims that Rafael Nadal received favoritism from umpires as "strange" and "wrong."

The former World No. 2 believes Nadal is one of the players on tour who is most respectful of his rivals. "It is strange that he (Shapovalov) says that about Rafa when, for me, he is one of the most respectful players with his rivals, and I think he is also wrong about treatment in his favor," Corretja said.

"With Rafa, they (the umpires) are also always very attentive and alert him that he has to play faster." Alex Corretja further refuted Denis Shapovalov's allegations about Rafael Nadal benefitting from preferential treatment from umpires.

"He is wrong, saying that he (the umpire) is corrupt, and saying that he gives a 100% favorable treatment [to Nadal]," Corretja said. "I think that Shapovalov has got it wrong, beyond the fact that I love the way he plays.

I think that an opportunity has escaped him, and he has also felt that. In my opinion, his frustration later in the press conference came from that."