Johanna Konta: I'm not sure they're asking Rafael Nadal when he is going to have kids

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Johanna Konta: I'm not sure they're asking Rafael Nadal when he is going to have kids

Former world No. 4 Johanna Konta suggested there is a double standard in the pressroom as she can't recall a male player getting asked about a marriage or having kids. Konta, 30, announced her retirement from tennis last December.

A few days later, Konta announced she married her long-term partner. "I'm not sure they’re asking Rafael Nadal when he was finally going to marry his girlfriend before he did, or when he is going to have kids," Konta told The Telegraph, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"As a woman, you start getting to a certain age, hitting certain milestones, and then it is straightaway assumed – 'Okay, well, when’s the baby coming?'"

However, Konta believes there is no harm in those questions

"I don’t think it's done with any harm," Konta said.

"But it would be nice to talk about my career and things like that – like my male counterparts in the sport." Konta explained that questions regarding having kids can be a "bit insensitive." Also, Konta explained that those questions may put someone in an uncomfortable position since there might be female players who don't want to have children or have other difficulties.

"One, it’s a very personal decision and, you know, I think it can be a bit insensitive, especially for people who maybe don’t want to [have children] or have other difficulties," Konta said. "There’s this massive assumption that this is the way it’s done, but since women were unleashed on the workforce the order of things is a bit different."

Konta thought it was "unfortunate" that she was asked those questions. "I think it was unfortunate [that I was asked such questions], but I was not alone in that," Konta said. "And while our tennis press is mainly made up of middle-aged men, I think the questions are going to be catered so."