Matteo Berrettini: I am still learning from Rafael Nadal

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Matteo Berrettini: I am still learning from Rafael Nadal

World No. 7 Matteo Berrettini admitted it took him time to adapt to playing under the roof but it was already kind of too late as Rafael Nadal was up by two sets. Nadal, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, defeated Berrettini 6-3 6-2 3-6 6-3 in the Australian Open semifinal.

“It was the first time that I played under the roof,” said Berrettini in his post-match press conference. “It was different conditions. I struggled. At the beginning I couldn't really find the rhythm. It took me a while to adapt, but at the same time Rafa was playing really well.

“I learned that you have to be ready any time. It's a sport that you have to be able to adapt to everything that is happening."

Berrettini happy he had a chance to chat with Nadal

Berrettini had a chat with Nadal in the locker room and he was happy about it since he is trying to learn from the Spaniard as much as he can.

“Just look at the numbers,” Berrettini acknowledged. “I don't know how many semi-finals Rafa has played, but I know that he has more experience in this. “We chatted a little bit in the locker room.

He told me that it was a great run, and I told him again, bravo. It's just really nice for me to talk to him and have this kind of conversation, because I'm still learning from him, and it's good”. Berrettini wasn't happy with the way he started the match but he was glad with the level he showed in the third and fourth sets.

“I know that my level is getting higher and higher,” said Berrettini. “I think here for the third and the fourth [sets], my tennis level was really high. I'm not saying that he was struggling, but he had to play his best tennis to be with me, and this is what the great champions do normally.

When you're stepping up the level, they are there with you. “I think it's time for me to play these kind of matches as much as possible, to learn from these matches, and next time I want to be ready for them”.