Nikola Pilic: Honest congratulations to Rafael Nadal but that's not a real triumph

Pilic reacts to Nadal winning the Australian Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nikola Pilic: Honest congratulations to Rafael Nadal but that's not a real triumph

1973 French Open runner-up Nikola Pilic suggested being prepared better physically was the key in Rafael Nadal's comeback over Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final. Nadal, 35, created a stunning comeback to beat world No.

2 Medvedev 2-6 6-7 (5) 6-4 6-4 7-5 and win his second Australian Open title. Nadal edged out Medvedev after more than five hours of action. "Nadal found his rhythm in the third set, he played much better, he raised the level of the game, while Medvedev physically fell and in the fourth and fifth sets he could barely walk.

Nadal was fresher and much more physically prepared than Medvedev, and as the match came to an end, it was clear that he would go to the Spaniard's side - Pilic told

Pilic: Physically, Nadal has always been a beast

One of the main reasons behind Nadal's success has been his exceptional physical condition.

"Rafa has always exceptional when it comes to the physical part. What else can you say about the man who has won Roland Garros 13 times? The French Open is by far the most demanding tournament in the world, the exchanges there are long, and the matches last for five or six hours.

Whoever wins that tournament 13 times is a phenomenon." Pilic congratulated Nadal on winning the Australian Open but added that's "not a real triumph" since world No. 1 Novak Djokovic didn't play. "Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, what he did has its weight, but this is not a real triumph when he won without the best player in the world.

Some things in the ATP need to be changed urgently, the ATP must, as John McInroe said, award Grand Slam titles with 3,000 points, not 2,000 as is being done today," Pilic added. Nadal broke the all-time Grand Slam with his latest victory as he now has 21 Grand Slams in his collection.

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