'Rafael Nadal is able to stay in the moment', says former ATP ace

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'Rafael Nadal is able to stay in the moment', says former ATP ace

With a generous performance like a great warrior who never wants to give up, Rafael Nadal completely reversed the fortunes and the inertia of the Australian Open final, managing to beat the Russian Daniil Medvedev. Unlike Novak Djokovic at the US Open (the seasonal Slam en plein was also played), the Manacor native beat the emotions and physical difficulties, obtaining the 21st triumph in the prestigious appointments.

The Spaniard was questioned by the newspaper AS, among many topics, about what will happen when both he and Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are no longer professional players, given that their results and achievements have made a lot of people passionate about tennis.

His response: “What has happened in all life, tennis will continue. There is no more important player than the sport itself. No player, not even in the women's circuit, nor Djokovic, nor me, nor anyone else. At the end of each year there are four Grand Slam champions and nine Masters 1000 champions and other tournaments.

And that will continue to be throughout each season, whether it's us or not. Tennis will be in good hands. It is evident, and this cannot be hidden, that these last 20 years we have lived a very special time. When you see the numbers of the three of us, not just the number of wins but the consistency so long over time, you think it's something very difficult to repeat.

Tennis will continue and we will see other champions” he declared.

Nadal made an unbelievable comeback

Former World No. 1 Mats Wilander recently spoke about Rafael Nadal's record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title. “It’s just incredible.

He is two sets down and you are playing Medvedev, you are not playing Matteo Berrettini – by that, I mean someone who doesn’t play long rallies. This is physical. Somehow he figured out how to get free points on the serve, free points on the forehand”.

Tim Henman also joined his colleague in praising Nadal's achievement, which came about four months after the Spaniard was forced to call off his 2021 season due to a serious foot injury. "I can’t quite get my head around it given the last six months for Rafa having not played much coming into this event and all the circumstances he faced prior to the tournament.

The resilience, he was down two sets to love, I thought he was cooked and he finds a way to keep on fighting and coming back. We thought the younger guy and the longer match was going to play into Medvedev’s hands, it was just incredible to see.

Rafa is able to stay in the moment. There is no point thinking about the final when you are in the second round, you’ve got to take it step-by-step. In the second set, Nadal had so many opportunities and he didn’t win it so you are thinking he’s down two sets to love and there is just no way back.