Toni Nadal: Rafael Nadal is the favorite for the French Open title

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Toni Nadal: Rafael Nadal is the favorite for the French Open title

Renowned tennis coach Toni Nadal absolutely believes a healthy and in-form Rafael Nadal can win this year's French Open. Nadal, 35, suffered a four-set defeat in last year's French Open semifinal to Novak Djokovic.

It was Nadal's only third loss at the French Open. Nadal was hampered by a foot issue during the French Open and he took a two-month break after the French Open. Nadal ended up calling it a season in August to focus on recovering from a foot injury.

Nadal returned to action last month in Australia, where he won the Melbourne Summer Set and Australian Open. "As for the next Roland Garros, Rafa is the favorite for the title. If he is in good form, he can beat Djokovic and triumph," Toni told Movistar, according to We Love Tennis.

Nadal beat Daniil Medvedev

Nadal was down by two sets and facing three break points in the sixth game of the third set. Nadal saved those three break points and recovered to beat Medvedev 2-6 6-7 (5) 6-4 6-4 7-5. “In that moment, of course, the situation was critical,” said Nadal, “but sport is unpredictable.

The normal thing is to lose the match in straight sets from that situation. On the other hand, I had a big chance in the second [set] too. “I was repeating to myself during the whole match, I lost a lot of times here [in Melbourne] having chances, sometimes I was a little bit unlucky.

I just wanted to keep believing until the end. I just wanted to give myself a chance. “That's what I did. Just fight, just keep belief in trying to find a solution. Of course, I was lucky to save that moment. [There were] a lot of moments that can decide the final like this”. Nadal will be among the top favorites to win the French Open. Nadal is a record 13-time French Open champion.