Alex Corretja: The Australian Open title a big motivation boost for Rafael Nadal


Alex Corretja: The Australian Open title a big motivation boost for Rafael Nadal

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja thinks the Australian Open will provide Rafael Nadal a big boost of motivation. Nadal, 35, captured a record 21st Grand Slam title after beating Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final.

“I have no doubt that for Rafa this is unbelievable motivation for the present and for the future,” Corretja told Eurosport. “For Rafa to win the Australian Open, it should give him some fresh air to go into Roland Garros and make a good schedule to get there the best he can.

“He doesn't need to play 10 more tournaments before Roland Garros. He only needs to choose exactly where he wants to be and how he's going get to Roland Garros in the perfect condition to win another major. “I think if he is in good shape it's going to be super difficult to beat him, but there are still many months to go and we need to go day by day, step by step, because tennis has shown us that everything can change in one point”.

Nadal showed what a warrior he is

Nadal was down by two sets and on the brink of going down by a break in the third set. Nadal saved three consecutive break points in the sixth game of the third set and then went on to claim a 2-6 6-7 (5) 6-4 6-4 7-5 win.

“He had the experience of losing tough matches against Novak and Roger [Federer]… I think that helped him,” said Corretja. "Because he had that feeling, that experience from the past, somehow he knew that he needed to go until the end.

“The fact that he was losing two sets to love showed that he is someone different, he's got something in his mind that he will never give up. “And this is not about the match yesterday, this is about 25, 30 years working on becoming a better player - and then, when the moment arrives, you are ready. Otherwise it's impossible to achieve that”.

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