'I don't know how Rafael Nadal survived against...', says former No.1

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'I don't know how Rafael Nadal survived against...', says former No.1

Rafael Nadal has won several grueling marathons during his career, but the feat against Daniil Medvedev at the last Australian Open is undoubtedly one of the most special. The former world number 1, who had turned up in Melbourne amidst a thousand uncertainties, recovered two sets from the Russian in the final, winning his second AO.

Just when the Muscovite seemed one step away from the finish line, the Spaniard found the energy to reverse the inertia of the match. Thanks to this triumph, the Majorcan overtook Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic to reach 21 Slams.

Rafa became the fourth man in history to have conquered all majors at least twice (keeping company with Djokovic, Rod Laver and Roy Emerson). The 35-year-old from Manacor will try to reach 22 already at Roland Garros, where he will be the big favorite for the win.

The choice not to get vaccinated could prevent Nole from defending his title in Paris, exactly as happened in Australia. Guest of the podcast 'KickServeRadio.com', Mats Wilander is back to talk about Rafa's ride 'Down Under'

Wilander opens up on Nadal

"This is the most unlikely comeback and Grand Slam victory that I think I have witnessed unless I go back to maybe when Rafael Nadal won his first French Open," Wilander said. "But then again, that wasn't an incredible comeback.

I don't know how we survived against Shapovalova, was great against Matteo. Against Medevedev, after 10 minutes, [looked like] there was no chance," he continued. "He's needed to turn this match around and I have no idea how he did that.

I think he needs preparation, needs match wins because that gives him confidence compared to just practicing and I think winning that lead up tournament in Melbourne, huge win for him." 21-time Grand Slam Champion, Rafael Nadal, has reached new heights in his career after winning the Australian Open this Summer.

In a recent interview, he revealed many things about life as an athlete. A few months ago, Rafa was on crutches and could not even walk properly. From there, to go on and win the Australian Open is an unbelievable accomplishment for Rafa.

“Athletes, first of all, are normal and ordinary people. There are mornings when it is more difficult to go to work. People who succeed and who have continuity in success is because they have the necessary attitude,” Nadal said.

After winning the Australian Open title, Nadal will certainly now aim for his 14th French Open title. The French Open will start on 22nd May, and like always, Rafa will be the favorite to win it.

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