Rafael Nadal: 'You have to maintain a middle line'


Rafael Nadal: 'You have to maintain a middle line'

It was the real surprise of the quarter-finals at the 250 in Dallas Marcos Giron who overtook his compatriot Taylor Fritz, and one of the favorites to win the American tournament. The current number 70 of the world rankings, on the Tennis.com website, expressed his thoughts especially on the big three and on the tennis that he has been trying to put on the field in recent years.

Recently, the 28-year-old also had the opportunity to face Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open, then won by the Spaniard himself. "Maybe I wasn't 100%, but it was still a good experience. I think he takes it for granted how disciplined he is, his shots are just phenomenal.

When you play him, it's not just the power and speed he plays, but the decisions he makes, so it's hard to beat him. It was very difficult to get into his service games. His services aren't too powerful, but what he's capable of doing with his decision making is impressive."

Rafa Nadal on his longevity

Rafael Nadal was recently interviewed by experts from Cantabria Labs, Spain's leading medical institute for dermatology.

“It's important to have real inner humility, not false humility, to accept that things don't always go well, and tolerate bad times better," he said. "One of the keys to me continuing to play tennis today is that I tolerated success and failure equally.

Nothing is so fantastic and nothing is so terrible," he added. "There are good times and bad times. Emotionally, you have to maintain a middle line." The Spaniard claimed he always looked forward to gaining "a broader knowledge" when it came to his own health.

He also said developing healthy habits directly affects the daily aspects of one's life. "I always say and believe that everything can be improved, and days like today help us do it, not because in the end, you have a broader knowledge of the things we need," the Spaniard said.

"Above all, to be able to enjoy life... But without health it becomes impossible. This is the reality." Nadal is often asked about his love for Real Madrid as his uncle Miguel Ángel Nadal was a Barcelona legend. However, in his autobiography ‘Rafa: My story’, he gave a straightforward answer to this question, saying he’s a Real Madrid fan because his father was one.

He said, “I’m a huge football fan and Real Madrid is my favorite club. It’s the club I support and love, it’s truly part of my life”.

Rafael Nadal