Carlos Moya compares Rafael Nadal to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods

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Carlos Moya compares Rafael Nadal to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods

Coach Carlos Moya is just one of many who were absolutely impressed by what Rafael Nadal pulled off in the Australian Open final. Nadal, who played only one event in the second part of the 2021 season due to a foot injury, wasn't sure whether he would be able to play in Australia.

Nadal decided at the last moment to travel to Australia and he ended up winning a record 21st Grand Slam title. Nadal was down by two sets in the final to Daniil Medvedev but recovered to win the title. “On the fingers of one hand you can count the athletes who in history have been able to experience situations similar to Rafa’s and have been able to succeed.

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods in his best moments, Novak Djokovic in tennis. That gene, that competitiveness, that way of managing to change outcomes is impressive. If we scripted the tournament, reality would have turned out better than what we would have written.

Then you see that little things change until you reach the happy ending, but living that metamorphosis is amazing. It was an American movie script," Toni told Punto de Break.

Nadal made tennis history once again

Medvedev appeared to be cruising toward a straight-set win as he was up by two sets, had a 3-2 lead in the third set and three consecutive break points in the sixth game.

That's when Nadal's historic comeback started. “Almost everything has been said, you can't help but admire everything that Rafa is achieving. The victory is impressive but the manner is also impressive, how he overcomes adversity, how he changes tactically during the game, physically defeating one of the fittest players on the circuit, someone who is ten years younger than him.

It is a result to be proud of, although there are also things that can be improved, perfection does not exist. Given the circumstances with which we arrived at the tournament a month earlier, both the attitude and the level were spectacular," Moya explained.