Richard Gasquet explains why Rafael Nadal is 'the GOAT of tactics'

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Richard Gasquet explains why Rafael Nadal is 'the GOAT of tactics'

Richard Gasquet says it is almost impossible to outsmart Rafael Nadal on the court as he has called the Spaniard the "GOAT of tactics." Nadal is one of the greatest champions the game has ever seen and his ability to make proper adjustments during matches is one of the things that got him to where he is now.

Nadal's outstanding mental game was on full display in the Australian Open final when he recovered from two sets down to beat Daniil Medvedev in the final. "Nadal [on who is the GOAT of tactics]. He's the one who understands tennis the best.

He's able to make matches turn. He knows when to move forward, backward, where to be best placed on the court. It's really impressive," Gasquet told We Are Tennis, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

Reilly Opelka agrees with Gasquet

Opelka also spoke highly of Nadal as he said the Spaniard is the only player capable of beating Medvedev at the moment.

“In the last Grand Slam tournaments, I lost against very strong players. Medvedev, Shapovalov, then Lloyd Harris were on fire against me. No one but Nadal can beat Medvedev, even Novak was beaten easily at the US Open.

I always think I have to improve. I want to serve even better, I want to become physically stronger and faster. In two or three years, I hope to be able to say that I have progressed so much in what I was already doing well today," Opelka told Ubitennis.

Meanwhile, Gasquet admitted that Stan Wawrinka's one-handed backhand is better than his. "I think he [Wawrinka] has the best one-handed backhand in the history of the sport. It's tough for me to say to myself. With regards to my forehand, I am probably not on the top 200. With backhands, Wawrinka and I are the two bests. He has an amazing backhand," Gasquet admitted.