'Rafael Nadal has no financial need but...', says former ATP ace

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'Rafael Nadal has no financial need but...', says former ATP ace

Francis Roig has been part of Rafael Nadal's coaching staff for 17 years, since 2005, the year in which the Mallorcan's talent blossomed, winning his first Roland Garros and several Masters 1000, which allowed the Spaniard to finish the season as number 2 in the world behind Roger Federer.

In an interview with Javier De Diego for the Radiogaceta program of Radio Nacional de España, Roig spoke about Nadal's latest physical condition, the upcoming tournaments on cement and clay and the eternal fight with Novak Djokovic.

"We did not expect this start to the year that he has had. We all knew about his foot problem, that he had not competed for six months. But after all, he is a player with immense quality, with a huge head and with a desire enormous to improve at 35 years old.

He had never seen anything like it. All this combination of things has led to this little miracle." Rafa's physical state: "He has always had problems with his knees, although they stopped bothering him a long time ago. He has his routine to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

However, the problem of the foot cannot be cured, but we can do everything possible to make it hurt as little as possible and that is what we are doing. If he is physically fit and injuries don't prevent him from competing, we know that Rafa can continue to be ready to fight with the best." Key importance of dosing and a well-measured program.

"This is not only important because of the foot problem, but also because of his age. It is no longer like when he was a child, who liked to play all possible tournaments."

Alex Corretja on Rafa Nadal

Two-time Roland Garros finalist Alex Corretja lavished praise on compatriot Rafael Nadal in a recent interview with the No Tiene Nombre podcast.

"Rafael Nadal [keeps on fighting to be the best even after achieving everything in tennis] out of love. For the enthusiasm and passion that he feels for tennis and for the awareness of it," Corretja said. "I think Rafa does it because he would never forgive himself for withdrawing and thinking that he still had something left.

He has no financial need, has only the internal need to believe that he has something that he wants to squeeze out. That's a commitment." Corretja praised both the Mallorcan and Medvedev for their spirited performances on the night, claiming that the match was a glowing showcase by two of the best players in the world on how to manage difficult situations.

“[The 2022 Australian Open final] is not just a tennis thing. It goes beyond that. It broke the barriers of sport," Corretja said. "The way both Nadal and Medvedev played and managed the situation is to make us say, 'We're going to watch this match and we're going to learn from what we just saw. We have to pass that skill on to our children'"