Andy Murray weighs in on GOAT debate

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Andy Murray weighs in on GOAT debate

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray thinks the easiest way to determine the GOAT would be by looking at the Grand Slam title number. Many believe that the player who finishes with the all-time Grand Slam record should be considered as the GOAT.

Rafael Nadal, 35, owns the all-time Grand Slam record with 21 Majors in his collection. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are tied on the second place with 20 Grand Slams. "I think people have simplified it. The easiest way for people to do it is just to go by the number of slam wins.

But I do think when you compare other players' careers, maybe there's other numbers to look at, as well," Murray said.

Murray achieves a milestone

On Friday, Murray defeated Taro Daniel in three sets to reach the 700 career wins.

Murray, who turned professional, recovered from a set down to beat Daniel and progress into the Indian Wells second round. Murray underwent two major hip surgeries in the last five years but refused to quit. “Like I said many times, it has been a really difficult four, five years.

Even, when I did come back and start playing in 2019, I was actually playing some quite good tennis. Got injured again and missed a bunch of time. Obviously had COVID, had some other niggles, injuries. It’s not really until last sort of five, six months when I’ve got consistency of like getting to compete regularly," Murray said.

“There’s obviously been the physical battle, but also mental battle as well, of trying to find my game, trying to be patient and not get too frustrated and too down on myself, which has been tough these last four or five months.

It’s been hard. The physical battle has been tough. Mentally it’s been challenging, as well”.