Rafael Nadal: 'That probably helps a little bit more'

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Rafael Nadal: 'That probably helps a little bit more'

The perfect tennis player does not exist, but it can be built by combining different characteristics of different players. Many tennis players have done it: in time of lockdown, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray had made a live on Instagram.

In this live, made to fill the hole left by the cancellation of the tournaments due to the pandemic, the two players had built the perfect player: who has the best right? Who's the reverse mile? Who is the best answer on the circuit? This game was also undertaken since John Isner: the American modeled his perfect tennis player.

In the ideal tennis player, according to the North Carolina tennis player, obviously the Big 3 could not be missing, which are present in almost all categories. The American tennis player, born in 1985, has decided to answer questions about journalists indicating which are the best tennis players for the main strokes of this sport.

In a post-match press conference in Indian Wells, the first question was about the serve: it is the only fundamental one where one of the Big 3 is not present. Isner, in fact, chooses Opelka for the best serve on the circuit: "I'll go with Reilly because he's the newest, he was very tough,” said John Isner.

Rafael Nadal continued his fantastic run of form in 2022, notching up his 18th consecutive win on Wednesday.

Nadal defeated Opelka

Rafael Nadal is now 18-0 this year and the second player since 1990 to achieve such a start to a season.

Novak Djokovic pulled off the feat twice, going 41-0 in 2011 and then 26-0 in 2020. "So-so. For a moment, good. Then on the second set, a little bit worst, being honest. I felt my foot a little bit on the second set," Rafael Nadal said in his post-match press conference.

"I was able to keep going, keep running till the end, no? That's the same thing. Yes, being honest, I am not in the moment to lie or to hide things." The three-time Indian Wells champion revealed that his foot bothered him more against Opelka than in his previous matches in the California desert.

However, he allayed fears by insisting that the problem was not out of the ordinary. "I am just very happy to be playing tennis. Today was a little bit worse than other days. It's true that the last couple of days the foot have been bothering me a little bit more.

Something that can happen. We know that," Nadal said. "Just try to be ready and stay positive because going to be my last tournament on hard. After we going to go back to clay. That probably helps a little bit more."