'It really was a perfect start for Rafael Nadal', says former ATP star

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'It really was a perfect start for Rafael Nadal', says former ATP star

In the last few hours the world of tennis has undergone a sensational and unexpected turning point. Australian Ashleigh Barty, world number one, has surprisingly announced her retirement. Motivating her choice of her, the tennis player clarified her thoughts about her by specifying that she has no real future goals.

Here are her words: “I do not hide anything strange. I have no fixed plans in other sports, I have no intention of becoming a mother for the moment... There are no secrets. I intend to stay connected to tennis, 10 days ago I was training and I will continue to do so, I will never stop playing this sport.

I'm not going to do it selfishly trying to progress into a professional career”. The choice of Barty surprised many people, a tennis player who retires at the age of 25, something that acts as a 'counterbalance' to what the Big Three have been doing in recent years.

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have dominated the world of tennis and sport for over 20 years without ever giving up and closing every day to the hypothesis of retirement. During the press conference in which Ashleigh Barty left the sport, the talented former tennis player also spoke of her great admiration for Rafael Nadal.

The twenty-one time Grand Slam title winner got off to a great start in 2022, he has won every tournament except Indian Wells where he fell in the final against American Taylor Fritz. Rafa has accused a physical problem and for this reason he will have to remain stationary for several weeks.

Barty spoke of her great admiration for the Spanish champion, especially for his longevity: "When you see Rafael Nadal you think of him as someone whose longevity within the sport has been incredible."

Corretja speaks about Nadal

In a recent conversation with Eurosport, Alex Corretja spoke about Rafael Nadal's rib injury and how it could impact the rest of his season.

"This injury for Rafa was absolutely unexpected," Corretja said. "Honestly, he was in perfect form, with confidence, winning matches. It really was a perfect start for the season, but sometimes it can happen that when you haven't competed for a while you start to win many sets, many matches and that sometimes causes a new injury, as has been the case this time."

Corretja hopes the Spaniard can make a speedy recovery and compete at Roland Garros. "The real shame is that the best part of the season was coming for him: the clay. Now he is going to have to recover, go back to training, and hopefully, he can play a tournament prior to Roland Garros because really the expectations, and the hopes that he will win again in Paris, are very high.

Hopefully he will arrive in shape because I sincerely believe that it is very important that Nadal is on the circuit," he added.