Rafael Nadal: 'I started to work with a better knowledge of...'

The Spaniard is currently recovering from the rib-stress fracture

by Simone Brugnoli
Rafael Nadal: 'I started to work with a better knowledge of...'

2004 French Open runner-up Guillermo Coria believes Carlos Alcaraz could be a dominant force on clay from next year as the Argentine thinks we are looking at a new Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz, 18, is already a two-time ATP champion and is at his career-high No.

16 in the world. Alcaraz, who is now enjoying a big tournament in Miami, is set to break into the top-15 when the ATP ranking list is updated on Monday. Coria says that he absolutely sees some of Nadal's characteristics in Alcaraz's game.

"Next year Alcaraz will be a GREAT candidate to win all the tournaments on clay, this year there is no doubt that he will be a great protagonist from Monaco to Paris but I imagine a future Rafa from 2023. Well surrounded, tremendous winning mentality with a lot of hunger for glory," Coria wrote on Twitter.

After Alcaraz dispatched Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Miami round of 16, Roddick opened up about how he feels about the 18-year-old. "This guy moves like, it's unbelievable. Normally people have to grow in their movements and he doesn't need a lot of time to shoot the right hand.

Most guys with huge right hands need two feet under them to turn them around.

Rafa won 21 Grand Slams

Rafael Nadal is one of the best problem-solvers on the tour. He deals with success and failures equally with a balanced mind, focusing on the present.

Opening up about maintaining balance in life he said., “In the end balance is important. One chooses what they think is going to work best for them or what they are not ready to assume. Everything life is about balance and measuring your efforts.

If one is sleeping the perfect amount of hours, doing the right prevention work, following the right diet, training the right amount but not enjoying life well it is going to affect your performance negatively”. Rafael Nadal is also the first person on the ATP tour to win 21 Grand Slams.

He also spoke about identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses and knowing what works and what does not. “I started to work with a better knowledge of the things that were helping me, the ones that were affecting me negatively and then you are the one who decides,” he added.

Unfortunately, it has been quite a while since fans got a taste of the fabled Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal rivalry. The two have not played in the same tournament since 2021 at Roland Garros.

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