Casper Ruud recalls playing golf with Rafael Nadal in Mallorca

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Casper Ruud recalls playing golf with Rafael Nadal in Mallorca

World No. 8 Casper Ruud took on Rafael Nadal on the golf course a few times and each time the Spaniard claimed victory. Nadal, one of the greatest players in tennis history, is a big golf fan and loves to play the game when at home.

Ruud has never played Nadal on the ATP Tour but did get a chance to go against the Spaniard on the golf course. "Yes, I have. Played with him a couple of times in Mallorca. He's very a good golfer," Ruud said. Nadal is known as ultra-competitive on the tennis court and he is the same on the golf course, according to Ruud.

"No, I didn't win (smiling). He beat me there as well," Ruud admitted. "He's a very, very tough competitor. Honestly, like, a bit tough to play with, because he's so focused. Usually on the golf course you are laughing a little bit and joking around.

With him, it's no jokes (smiling)."

Ruud on how he prepares for Wimbledon

Ruud, 23, revealed his preparation for Wimbledon pretty much consists just of playing golf. "I think grass is for golf players. My preparation for Wimbledon is pretty much just playing golf, you know, before the tournament, because I feel more comfortable on the golf course than the tennis courts on grass now.

But let's see if it can change," Ruud revealed. Ruud hasn't had much success at Wimbledon so far in his career. Ruud tried to make the Wimbledon main draw in 2018 but back then lost his qualifying opener at the tournament.

Ruud made his Wimbledon debut a year later but didn't impress as he suffered a straight-set defeat to John Isner. Last year, Ruud suffered a tight five-set loss to Jordan Thompson in the Wimbledon first round. It remains to be seen if Ruud can clinch his first Wimbledon victory this year.