'With Rafael Nadal, it's no jokes', says ATP ace

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'With Rafael Nadal, it's no jokes', says ATP ace

Like a bolt from the blue, just when he had given more than encouraging signals for this season, a new and unusual injury put a spoke in Rafael Nadal's wheels. The Spaniard's journey, who had the opportunity to win his fourth consecutive 2022 title in Indian Wells, had to suddenly come to a halt due to a stress fracture of the third left rib, which will prevent him from attending Monte Carlo.

and Barcelona. Presumably, he will return to tread the much-loved clay in Madrid (barring unforeseen deterioration). Net of the hitches and the facts on the pitch, however, Rafael Nadal's perseverance is something that always affects everyone.

At the age of 35 - despite a few too many ailments which, however, are natural - the hunger for competition that has always harbored in the Majorcan does not seem to subside and it is for this reason that, together with the deep love for tennis, he managed for example to to do the feat for the umpteenth time by winning the Australian Open and hitting 21 career slams.

He did not miss an opportunity to praise Canadian coach Rob Steckley, who has followed, among others, baby talent Denis Shapovalov. Using the podcast showcase entitled "Match Point Canada", Rob Steckley sang the praises of the multiple Slam champion Rafael Nadal, who will blow out 36 candles on June 3: "Nadal, that boy seems to be falling apart but he never leaves us", the Canadian coach began.

Ruud speaks about Nadal

Casper Ruud said that Rafael Nadal is a tough competitor when it comes to playing golf and remarked that golf wasn't the only sport in which the Spaniard managed to beat him. "Yes, I have," Ruud added.

"Played with him a couple of times in Mallorca. He's a very good golfer, and... No I didn't win. He beat me there as well. He's a very, very tough competitor. Honestly, like, a bit tough to play with, because he doesn't say much because he's so focused.

Usually on the golf course you are laughing a little bit and joking around. With him, it's no jokes." The Norwegian said that Alcaraz has a very good mind for tennis and has a good understanding of the game. "Well, I think we all can see like how talented he is, that he has a very good I think mind for tennis," Casper Ruud said.

"He understands the game very well. He knows when to hit certain shots and when, you know, probably not to. But he is, at his highest level, very, very good, but he also plays high risk, I think, so he goes for the shots quite often. Hopefully if I play him he will miss a couple of those.