'To me, that just said so much about Rafael Nadal', says top analyst

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'To me, that just said so much about Rafael Nadal', says top analyst

Carlos Alcaraz has, in fact, achieved against Stefanos Tsitsipas the 5th victory of his career against a Top 10 at the tender age of 18 years, 10 months and 24 days, becoming the second youngest to do so after Rafael Nadal, who managed to cross this milestone in 12 days less (18 years, 10 months, 12 days).

"Nadal is an irreplaceable player, but we have the novelty of Alcaraz, who creates a lot of expectations after how he broke into the circuit this year. Having Rafa is something unique and the only thing I hope is that he recovers as soon as possible," Ferrer said.

. The Spaniard then commented on the mental strength of the Manacor champion, recalling Rafa's ability to recover from all the injuries sustained in his career and come back stronger than before. "It's not easy when they tell you that you have an injury, and even more so before the season started on clay.

He had played very well and with confidence. But if Rafa has something, it's that he has always come out of this type of situation with more strength. injuries are part of sport".

Rafa is a tennis legend

Sportswriter Michelle Kaufman regaled tennis fans with a story about how she once spotted Rafael Nadal roaming the streets of Wimbledon all by himself.

"One day, we are walking to the ground and we see a guy ahead of us with a big tennis bag and it looked like Rafa Nadal. Just walking about. We thought, 'You know, that guy really looks like Rafa. But he wouldn't just be walking through the town, carrying his own racquets," Kaufman said.

"Because they provide drivers for the players. Even if they are just staying three blocks away, there is a driver who will come get you. We were so curious and we walked really fast and tried to catch up to the man. And it was him." While it may not sound like much to most people, Kaufman was of the opinion that the incident was a testament to Rafael Nadal's humility.

"We asked somebody at the grounds, 'Nadal is walking here, by himself, through the town carrying his bags.' They said that he declined the driver and that he was one of the only players to do it," Kaufman said. "Rafa said that he liked to walk through the town with the people. To me, that just said so much about him."