Jaume Munar talks similarities between Carlos Alcaraz - Rafael Nadal


Jaume Munar talks similarities between Carlos Alcaraz - Rafael Nadal

Spanish tennis player Jaume Munar says he is not surprised by the success Carlos Alcaraz is having as he definitely sees the similarities between the 18-year-old and Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz is just 18 but he already a Masters champion and on the verge of breaking into the top-10 in the world.

After winning Miami, Alcaraz rose to a career-high ranking of No. 11 in the world. When Nadal first came on the tour and won his first title, his rise never slowed. Munar expects Alcaraz to continue improving and getting better.

"I have always said that Alcaraz was going to be a star, in fact he already is," Munar told Marca. "He was very good, he is more so this year and will be more so next year. He is like Rafa (Nadal), he has had the ability to grow and improve at the same time.

Being so young, he is even more noticeable because he has physically made a beastly change. At a tennis level he has managed to regulate himself and understands the game better. He now knows what to do at all times with the ball.

He has the weapons."

Yevgeny Kafelnikov: Spanish fans lucky to have a new Nadal in Alcaraz

After Alcaraz won Miami, Kafelnikov called Spanish tennis fans "lucky" because they seem to have a player that will dominate the guy for the next decade or a decade and a half.

"Spanish tennis fans are so lucky! When they thought that there will never again be a player like Rafa again (who would be number 1 and win slams on regular basis) when he retires, Carlos Alcaraz steps in to feel that void!" Kafelnikov tweeted.

Last month, Alcaraz and Nadal met in the Indian Wells semifinal. Alcaraz fell just short of becoming the first player to beat Nadal in 2022 as the former world No. 1 escaped with a three-set victory. After overcoming Alcaraz in three sets, Nadal praised the 18-year-old by saying he "has all the ingredients" to be a great player.

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