Chris Evert sees silver lining in Rafael Nadal's injury ahead of French Open

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Chris Evert sees silver lining in Rafael Nadal's injury ahead of French Open

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert thinks Rafael Nadal's enforced time off is a "bonus" as she says the Spaniard can now rest and enter the French Open well rested and probably fully healthy. In Indian Wells, Nadal sustained a stress fracture in one of his ribs.

In his announcement, Nadal said he would likely be out for four to six weeks. Three weeks have nearly passed since the announcement as Nadal won't be playing in Monte Carlo next week. Next tournament on Nadal's schedule is the Barcelona Open, which starts on April 18.

However, it's hard to imagine Nadal returning that early to the court.

Evert: It's always a bonus when Nadal can rest

"I think with his record this year, he has lost one match so far," Evert told Eurosport. "He had that streak of so many tournaments and so many wins, and he has had a wonderful start to 2022.

I think this injury is a hiccup. "I think any time Rafa can rest and take time off, I think is a bonus, is a positive for him. What comes into effect is the years and years and years before. It is not only what happened three or four weeks ago.

"He has a myriad, or an abundance, of experience and confidence from years and years and years of pulling himself out of tough matches and being world No. 1. I don't think the mental part will affect him. "He has put his body through the mill the last 20 years and I think the more important thing right now is making sure that he is healthy, especially when you are playing three out of five sets.

"Especially when you are playing Grand Slams, seven matches to win, and especially with how well the other men are playing. I think it is crucial that he is 100% healthy if he hopes to win the French Open."

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