'I think this is what makes Rafael Nadal so successful', says ATP star

The Big 3 have dominated men's tennis for nearly two decades

by Simone Brugnoli
'I think this is what makes Rafael Nadal so successful', says ATP star

Rafael Nadal suffered a stress fracture to one of his ribs during the Indian Wells Masters. Three weeks have passed since Nadal announced his diagnosis. In announcing his diagnosis, Nadal revealed that he would likely be out for four to six weeks.

"Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that I am back in Spain and that I have gone directly to see my medical team for tests after the Indian Wells final, that I have played with discomfort," Nadal tweeted in Spanish on day after the final.

"I have a stress fracture in one of my ribs and I will be out for 4-6 weeks. It is not good news and I did not expect it. I am devastated and sad because after such a good start to the season I have had. Now is a very important moment of the year for me and I had very good feelings and good results.

I have always had that spirit of struggle and improvement and what I will do is be patient and work hard after my recovery. Once again I want to thank everyone for his support." Nadal's goal is to reappear at the Madrid Masters, which starts on May 1.

Ruud opens up on Rafa Nadal

World No. 7 Casper Ruud recently delved deeper into the reasons behind Rafael Nadal's mind-boggling dominance on clay. "He plays every point very, very strictly and with order, like it’s his last point.

I have heard him say that many times before and that’s the reason he never gives you room to breathe," Casper Ruud said. "You don’t get too many free points from him in a match or when you play points [in practice].

With the clay, sometimes it’s more physically demanding because you play longer rallies and longer matches, and he’s there ready for it. He sets up the point very well and many times the same way. He likes to dominate points with his forehand and I think the majority of his clay-court career, he has been very successful playing his forehand heavy crosscourt to his opponent’s backhand, usually when he plays right-handed players," Ruud explained.

"Most players struggle with his shots and it’s very normal because they’re very heavy. I think this is what makes him so successful." These years have been fantastic for Nadal as well. He had the best start to the season, whereby he won 19 consecutive matches, and three titles along with it. Returning from an injury that kept him out for 6 months, he won at the Melbourne Summer Set against Maxime Cressy.

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