Promising Spanish star: Rafael Nadal is doing what has been done by very few

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Promising Spanish star: Rafael Nadal is doing what has been done by very few

Rising Spanish star Nicolas Alvarez Varona drew attention to himself at a very young age but noted there is no similarity between his and Rafael Nadal cases. Varona, 20, clinched his first ATP points at the Conde de Godo when he was just 14.

Interestingly, record 21-time Grand Slam champion Nadal was also just 14 when he earned his first ATP point at the Conde de Godo. By the age of 20, Nadal was already a Grand Slam champion and one of the best players on the Tour.

Meanwhile, Varona is ranked at No. 283 in the world and mostly playing the Challenger events. "You have to understand that what is happening to me is more normal than what is happening to him," Varona told Punto de Break, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"My case falls within the average; it is even a little above, but it is more common than yours. What he is doing has been done by very few in history, you don't fill a hand."

Varona on the Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz comparison

Alcaraz, 18, has been branded as the new Nadal.

The 18-year-old Spaniard is already a Masters champion and on the verge of breaking into the top-10. "What you shouldn't do is compare Carlos with Rafa, you can't compare them because all you do is get frustrated, each one has to go their own way," Varona said.

Recently, Alcaraz reflected on the comparison with Nadal, stating he just wants to be the best possible version of Carlos Alcaraz. "I don’t think at all about being the new Rafa Nadal, or that I have to get to win as much as him.

I want to be Carlos Alcaraz, that’s it. Otherwise I would put too much pressure on myself: if you imagine to win 21 Slams, you only hurt yourself," Alcaraz said. Meanwhile, Varona played his first ATP event of the year this week in Barcelona. Varona won qualifiyng matches before losing to Brandon Nakashima in the Barcelona first round.