Huge ATP star reflects on Rafael Nadal's modus operandi on clay

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Huge ATP star reflects on Rafael Nadal's modus operandi on clay

Rafael Nadal's start of the season was incredible. We can count the return of the Spaniard as one of the main 'comebacks' of all time: after months of absences due to a major foot injury, Rafa is back in 2022 and is back in a great way.

The Majorcan champion has struck a series of consecutive victories, of which the most important is undoubtedly the one obtained at the Australian Open 2022. Taking advantage of the absences of bitter rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, Rafa triumphed in Melbourne and became the first male tennis player in history to have reached 21 Grand Slam titles.

In the final Rafa demonstrated once again the essence of his extraordinary numbers: down by two sets and one step away from the abyss Nadal did not give up and reacted to the great, thus winning the victory in five sets over the Russian and current number two in the world.

Daniil Medvedev. Nadal has had an incredible series of successes, but a new and recent injury has led him to a new stop. The Spaniard suffered a problem during the Indian Wells final, then lost in two sets (with the result of 6-3; 7-6) against the surprising home idol Taylor Fritz.

Rafa missed Monte Carlo due to injury and in the last few days there was discussion about the possible date of his return. Through his social channels, the tennis player has published an update confirming that today he returned to train on a tennis court and thus showing that the date of his possible return is now close.

Ruud comments on Rafa Nadal

World No. 7 Casper Ruud recently delved deeper into the reasons behind Rafael Nadal's mind-boggling dominance on clay. "He plays every point very, very strictly and with order, like it’s his last point.

I have heard him say that many times before and that’s the reason he never gives you room to breathe," Casper Ruud said. "You don’t get too many free points from him in a match or when you play points [in practice].

With the clay, sometimes it’s more physically demanding because you play longer rallies and longer matches, and he’s there ready for it." During the conversation with ATP, Casper Ruud shed light on Rafael Nadal's modus operandi on clay.

"He sets up the point very well and many times the same way. He likes to dominate points with his forehand and I think the majority of his clay-court career, he has been very successful playing his forehand heavy crosscourt to his opponent’s backhand, usually when he plays right-handed players," Ruud explained.

"Most players struggle with his shots and it’s very normal because they’re very heavy. I think this is what makes him so successful."