'Rafael Nadal is extraordinary because...', says former ATP ace

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'Rafael Nadal is extraordinary because...', says former ATP ace

In addition to Russia, Spain also placed two tennis players in the top ten of the ATP world rankings this week. This is obviously the champion and winner of 21 Slam titles Rafael Nadal and the phenomenon of the moment (and not only) Carlos Alcaraz, capable of winning the third trophy of the season in Barcelona and climbing to ninth place in the standings.

An important weekend for the nation also seen the arrival in the final of Pablo Carreno Busta, then clearly defeated by the talented 18-year-old. There was no lack of messages and compliments to Alcaraz and to the two tennis players in general.

Among these, Nadal also wanted to dedicate a post through his social channels: "Congratulations to Carlos for the title in Barcelona! Also to Pablo for the final. A spectacular week for both and for Spanish tennis, which once again has a winner." Six titles so far of the year for the Iberians, given the three by Rafa and Carlos.

"I know him a lot and I knew how I was supposed to play, but he is showing that this year he is at a very high level. Then you have to put into practice what you think you have to do and he shot very hard from the baseline and brought home many winners from many points.

It has been difficult. I had to be very precise to be able to stand up to him. With the backhand I did not feel at all comfortable and the serve did not help me," declared the finalist of the competition on the Murcia native.

Then he added: "We have come from a very tough week, both he and I had to play twice."

Clement on Rafa Nadal

Former World No. 10 Arnaud Clement has spoken of how he finds it "extraordinary" that Rafael Nadal has always been "extremely polite." "What I find extraordinary about Rafa is that he has always been a player, with his entourage, [who is] extremely polite," Clement said.

"He always comes to say hello, he comes to shake hands as he wins Grand Slams, tournaments every week, Masters 1000 all the time. I don't remember where it was, the day after one of his big victories, we were in the hotel lobby and then he sees me, our eyes meet, I make him a small gesture to greet him and then he crosses the whole hall to shake my hand.

The Frenchman also admitted that he would find it difficult to act like the Mallorcan if he were in his position. "I've always found that extraordinary," Clement added. "I said to myself 'You, Arnaud, I think that you are a rather healthy person, but if you were ever going through the same thing as what he is going through, would you have crossed the hall or been that you would have simply made a small gesture of the hand or the head?' I think I know the answer. Rafael Nadal is extraordinary, he is exceptionally simple."