'Rafael Nadal was solicited for dozens of hours by...', says former ace

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'Rafael Nadal was solicited for dozens of hours by...', says former ace

Last Friday, the presentation of the Tau Cerámica Mallorca Challenger was held, which will be the venue for this third Challenger of the 2022 season. An event that was attended by some of the best players on the World Padel Tour, such as Javi Garrido, Coki Nieto, the twins Sánchez Alayeto or Lucía Sainz among others.

Rafael Nadal himself was in charge of 'blessing' in his house what will be the first World Padel Tour tournament to be held at his structure, from May 21 to 29. The best Spanish tennis player in history took advantage of the morning to chat and take pictures with the WPT players.

Mallorca will be the setting for the TAU Cerámica Mallorca Challenger, a World Padel Tour tournament that will bring together some of the best players on the planet in an iconic location. For this event, the center court will be located in the heart of the facility and will have capacity for more than 1,200 spectators.

A luxurious setting to once again enjoy the best padel in the world in Mallorca. During an exciting week, the presence in Mallorca of stars such as Maxi Sánchez, Lucho Capra, Miguel Yanguas, Miguel Lamperti, Jon Sanz, Javier Garrido, 'Coki' Nieto or Agustín Gómez Silingo is expected.

Stars such as Carolina Navarro, the Sánchez-Alayeto sisters, Lucía Sainz, Marta Ortega and Bea González could appear in the women's draw, guaranteeing a top-level sporting spectacle. A new Challenger this year, in which two have already been played with different champions.

We will have to see how the new couples that have formed in recent weeks are given, and that some of them make their debut in this competition.

Will Rafa Nadal return to Madrid?

Former World No. 10 Arnaud Clement has spoken of how he finds it "extraordinary" that Rafael Nadal has always been "extremely polite." The 2001 Australian Open finalist revealed that the 35-year-old always shakes his hand and speaks to him, even after winning Grand Slams.

"What I find extraordinary about Rafa is that he has always been a player, with his entourage, [who is] extremely polite," Clement said. "He always comes to say hello, he comes to shake hands as he wins Grand Slams, tournaments every week, Masters 1000 all the time.

I don't remember where it was, the day after one of his big victories, we were in the hotel lobby and then he sees me, our eyes meet, I make him a small gesture to greet him and then he crosses the whole hall to shake my hand.

So we respect each other, but I can't say we're close or anything, but here it is, it's Nadal, it's like that," Clement continued. "It's simplicity, we always say hello, whatever the time. Be it a difficult time, an exceptional moment in his career or that he was solicited for dozens of hours by the media from all over the world just before and well, that will not change anything in his attitude, which has always been the same."