Casper Ruud picks between Rafael Nadal's forehand and Roger Federer's volley

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Casper Ruud picks between Rafael Nadal's forehand and Roger Federer's volley

Norwegian tennis star Casper Ruud says Roger Federer's volley is "so perfect in a way" but still he picks Rafael Nadal's forehand over the Swiss' volley. During his pre-tournament interview in Munich, Ruud was asked to pick between Federer's volley and Nadal's forehand.

Nadal's forehand is a major asset in the Spaniard's game, while Federer's volley is one of the most beautiful things in the sport. "I think Rafa's forehand has been maybe giving him more titles than Roger's volley.

So, I would maybe say Rafa's forehand even though Roger's volley is so perfect in a way," Ruud said, per Sportskeeda.

Ruud a big admirer of Nadal

Ruud is slowly becoming a dominant force on clay. Last year, Ruud won five titles and four of those titles came on clay.

Ruud is now considered as one of the best clay court player but still he is not on the level of Nadal. In a recent interview, Ruud revealed how he feels about Nadal. “It’s inspiring. I think his whole career has been motivating for other fans, players, people who are watching him,” Ruud told

“If you met him in the street, you would have no idea that he had won 21 Grand Slams, because he’s very humble, and never gets ahead of himself. He always takes every match and every day seriously." Ruud, who enjoyed a great 2021 season, made it clear his goal for 2022 is to make his first strong Grand Slam run.

Ruud suffered a major setback at the start of the season when he sustained an ankle injury during a practice at Melbourne Park. Ruud, who was forced to skip the Australian Open, will certainly be aiming to make a deep French Open run. Ruud is one of the best clay courters and the French Open is his best shot at making a strong Grand Slam result.