'I would say Rafael Nadal's forehand', says Top 10

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'I would say Rafael Nadal's forehand', says Top 10

The WTA 1000 in Madrid has begun, where she will see the number one in the world at the starting line and among the favorites of the tournament Iga Swiatek as well as the two blue Camila Giorgi and Jasmine Paolini. The big absentees of the Spanish tournament are Krejcikova, Kenin, Kontaveit, Kerber and Svitolina.

In the press conference for the presentation of the tournament Naomi Osaka spoke that she is eager to do well on clay after reaching the final of the Miami Open a few weeks ago. The Japanese tennis player has revealed that she has seen and tried to take a couple of shots from the repertoire on clay of Rafael Nadal who is unanimously considered the strongest player of all time on this surface.

"I think I stole one of the things that he puts into practice (referring to Nadal n.d.r) and I practiced recently. Either it will go very well or it will go very badly, there is no middle ground. 'I did during training will be pretty good." If Naomi Osaka has had the best fortunes and satisfactions of her career so far on hard courts, the same cannot be said for clay.

The Japanese, in fact, never went beyond a third round at Roland Garros and in all the events on red, which she participated, she never touched the final and consequently the victory of a tournament. "Honestly, I've always wanted to see clay players train, the really good ones, because I feel like I'm the kind of person who learns really fast if you see them train up close.

It's a bit of a waste to have all these great professional tennis players. and don't look at them.

Ruud pays tribute to Rafa Nadal

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have contrasting styles of play but have achieved similar levels of success in tennis as the duo have 21 and 20 Grand Slams respectively.

"I think Rafa's forehand has been maybe giving him more titles than Roger's volley. So, I would maybe say Rafa's forehand even though Roger's volley is so perfect in a way," the Norwegian said. Roger Federer has had three surgeries on his knee over an 18-month span that has halted his ability to play tennis at the highest level.

"When Roger was last healthy, he was only one point away from winning Wimbledon – one point! I think he expects to have another good chance. Sure, on paper it didn't look bad in 2021, he was in the quarterfinals at the age of 39," Clarey said.

Personally, I don't think he'll get any further than before, I think there are too many players in the way. But why should Roger think so?"