'Rafael Nadal just didn't play his best grass court tennis', says analyst


'Rafael Nadal just didn't play his best grass court tennis', says analyst

Rafael Nadal's debut at the Mutua Madrid Open is just around the corner. According to the schedule of the Madrid tournament, the Spanish's first game will fall on Wednesday: in the first game he will face the winner between Kecmanovic and Bublik.

It's not just any day for the winner of twenty-one Grand Slam titles: Wednesday night will also see the Champions League semi-final second leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid. The Spanish team, which is also the tennis player's favourite, must come back (in their stadium) from the spectacular first leg, which ended 4-3 in favor of the English.

In statements to El Larguero, the director of the tournament, Feliciano López, revealed that Nadal had requested the postponement of his opening match and explained the reasons, which are not only related to the football match.

"Rafa likes to play during the day in Madrid, since the ball bounces higher, and with the semifinal of the Champions League he asked us not to play at the same time as the game," revealed López, who confessed that he wanted to go see the Real Madrid.

An election that will most likely be followed by two other tennis players and Real fans: Nadal himself and Carlos Alcaraz. Although the passage to the final of the Champions League still hangs in the balance, in the absence of a goal against City, there are certainties for Real Madrid in the league front.

Craig O'Shannessy talks about Nadal

ATP strategy coach Craig O'Shannessy recently explained why Rafael Nadal's results at Wimbledon were not up to the mark. "You got Rosol that beat [Rafael Nadal]. You got Darcis that beat him.

You got Dustin that beat him. I think overall, when Rafa will sit down and look at those matches, [he'll see that] players came at him," O'Shannessy said. "Players attacked him, they went after him and he didn't go after them enough.

I think he was too passive. I think he didn't come to the net enough. I think that he let the guys do their stuff against him too much. He didn't assert himself out there as much as he could have," O'Shannessy said. "I think it's a matter of backing the foot off the pedal, putting the ball back into play and letting [the other] guys make a mistake like on hardcourts and clay. He just got on the wrong side of that. He just didn't play his best grass court tennis."

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