Rafael Nadal: I'm happy for Carlos Alcaraz and tennis future of my country


Rafael Nadal: I'm happy for Carlos Alcaraz and tennis future of my country

Spain's Rafael Nadal says he is extremely happy for Carlos Alcaraz as he is glad his country has a promising tennis future. Nadal, 35, has been dominating the ATP Tour for nearly 20 years and it is not a secret that his career is slowly coming to an end even though is still a dominant force on the Tour.

Nadal will be 36 will in June, while Alcaraz just turned 19 last week. En route to winning his first Madrid title, Alcaraz defeated his idol Nadal. Spanish tennis fans no longer worry about their future after the Nadal era as they believe they have a future Grand Slam champion and world No.

1 in Alcaraz. "Everybody knows the amount of confidence he has right now, the level that he can reach. So, yeah, happy for him. Happy because we have an amazing player in our country for a lot of years to come. It's always special to win at home," Nadal said, per Lorenzo Andreoli.

Nadal opens on injuries

Nadal missed almost the entire second half of the 2021 season due to a chronic foot pain, which has been lingering him for the over the past 15 years.

After being out for a month and a half due to a rib stress fracture, Nadal kicked off his clay season in Madrid. Nadal is now set to play Rome, where he hopes to do well. “Of course, at my age, when you start having more problems than what you can manage, of course it is tough,” said Nadal.

“Body issues, pains, you can manage that. The problem is when you start to feel that with all the things that's going through your body, you can't be competitive enough to fight for the things that really keep exciting you.

“For the moment I am happy. It is true that I went through, again, a tough period of time. But I am here to enjoy and to give myself a chance to play well here in Rome”.

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