Rafael Nadal: "I have wonderful memories in Rome, I love this place"

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Rafael Nadal: "I have wonderful memories in Rome, I love this place"
Rafael Nadal: "I have wonderful memories in Rome, I love this place" (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Last year his great triumph at the Foro Italico in the final against Serbian Novak Djokovic: Rafael Nadal comes back to the Internazionali BNL d'Italia and he will try to obtain a satisfactory result in Rome during the week, also in order not to lose too much ground in the standings.

The Spaniard presented himself in front of the media and talked about how he physically arrives in Rome, after the tournament played in the Iberian capital: "Coming back from a competition, the transition is much faster.

It is normal that I need more time in all respects, including in terms of movement and reading the game. It hasn't been a bad week in Madrid, although the event is probably the hardest for me, due to the altitude and all this stuff.

Exciting to be back in Rome. It is a place that I love so much. Wonderful memories. I will do my best, as I always do, and I hope to be ready to play better than last week."

Rafael Nadal: "I have wonderful memories in Rome"

On recent injuries you have had and almost fully overcome: "At my age, when you start having more problems than you can handle, it is undoubtedly tough.

You get to not be competitive enough to fight for the important things that excite me. This is probably the time to make decisions but, I mean, for the moment I'm happy. It is true that I am still going through a complicated period.

It wasn't easy for me, I'm honest. But I'm here to have fun and to give myself the chance to play well in Rome and, of course, to be in the best conditions at Roland Garros in a couple of weeks." Then he remarked: "I am happy with how I started the year.

For me it was surprising what has happened in the last couple of months. I have probably the best start to the season in my tennis career at my age. The positive things are many and greater than the negative ones in my life, no doubt.

It won't be fair enough to complain about what's been happening to me lately. I'm confident I can play well honestly. I need some time, but it can be a good week, or maybe not. The only certain thing is that I will continue to try, to build confidence to be ready in France. This is my goal."

Rafael Nadal