Rafael Nadal fed up with Carlos Alcaraz comparison

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Rafael Nadal fed up with Carlos Alcaraz comparison

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal seems to have had enough of being compared to Carlos Alcaraz. Following his second round win in Rome, Nadal was again asked about Alcaraz. When asked about Alcaraz, Nadal said that it would be better for the 19-year-old if the media stopped all the Nadal and Alcaraz comparison.

Nadal noted that he wishes Alcaraz all the best and that he would like to see his fellow compatriot bring some of the biggest records of the game. "The only thing we can do is enjoy the career of an amazing player like Carlos and it will be better, even if it's interesting, that you stop comparing him to me.

If he is able to win 25 Grand Slams, it's going to be amazing and our country and I will be happy for him, but let's let him enjoy his personal career. I enjoyed my personal career and I think I'm super happy with the way I was able to manage my tennis career and it's his moment now to manage his personal career the way he wants it.

We cannot be all the time thinking about how I was and how he is today. He is what he is, and he is fantastic and probably in 2004 I will not say about myself that I was fantastic, but I think I was quite good too," Nadal said.

Nadal beaten by Alcaraz for the first time

Last week, Alcaraz defeated Nadal in the Madrid quarterfinal.

It was Alcaraz's first win over Nadal and the 19-year-old went on to win Madrid after beating his idol. Nadal and Alcaraz met for the first time in Madrid last year and back then the former world No. 1 claimed a routine straight-set win.

This past March in Indian Wells, Nadal edged out Alcaraz in three sets. After losing to Nadal in their first two meetings, Alcaraz got his revenge in Madrid.