Paula Badosa on standard Rafael Nadal set: Everything we do seems to be little

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Paula Badosa on standard Rafael Nadal set: Everything we do seems to be little

Spanish tennis star Paula Badosa has acknowledged the greatness of Rafael Nadal but also added the frequent Nadal comparisons have done certain damage because it's almost impossible to replicate what Nadal has accomplished.

Nadal is one of the greatest players in tennis history and he has spoiled Spanish fans with his enormous success. The standard Nadal set is putting enormous pressure on other Spanish players as anything besides winning a Grand Slam seems to be considered as a failure.

"Comparisons with him have done a lot of damage and it is impossible to rule out his legacy," Badosa told Eurosport Espana, per Sportskeeda. "We're talking about the best athlete in history, not only in Spain.

Someone like that happens once every thousand years. We have to stay with that we have been lucky but repeating Rafa's is impossible, although I hope I'm wrong."

Badosa: Nadal has always been a great inspiration

Badosa lifted her maiden WTA 1000 title in Indian Wells last year and recently she achieved a career-high ranking of No.

2 in the world. "It is difficult to come after him because everything that is done seems to be little," Badosa said. "Doing a few quarters in a Grand Slam or winning Indian Wells is little in the country we are in, it has spoiled us.

The positive thing is that it has served as inspiration, when I'm in a bad moment I always think about what he would do. But at a professional level it's not good to spend all day comparing ourselves with him."

Unfortunately, Nadal is again bothered by his foot. There is a concern Nadal might be forced to withdraw from the French Open. "At the time, many years ago, we said that he was going to be retired and he has never been; he has always surprised and has gotten better," Badosa said. "He is a machine, for me he is from another planet what have you done."