Andrey Rublev explains why he does not like Carlos Alcaraz - Rafael Nadal comparison

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Andrey Rublev explains why he does not like Carlos Alcaraz - Rafael Nadal comparison

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev reveals he is not a big fan of comparisons in tennis and added he thinks Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal aren't very similar players in terms of their game-style. Alcaraz is doing outstanding things at a very young age and he can't go anywhere without being asked about Nadal.

Just like Nadal, Alcaraz won his first Masters and broke into the top-10 before turning 19. "On the one hand, it is wrong to compare, because all tennis players are different physically, technically, mentally, externally.

On the other hand, all the same, there will always be comparisons in sports, and there is no way without it. I don't like to compare. I can only single out that Nadal and Alcaraz are both Spaniards and both play with a Babolat racket.

Their style of play is still different. The fact that he's young and already in the top 10, like Nadal was, doesn't mean they're similar. There was another time when Nadal did it. Generations cannot be compared. If they were of another age and always walked together, but one shot and the other was short, then you can compare and answer why this happened.

And such people from different generations with different styles of play cannot be compared," Rublev told

Rublev hasn't yet played Alcaraz

Both Rublev and Alcaraz are considered as one of the most promising players on the ATP Tour.

Even though Rublev has been on the Tour for a few more years than Alcaraz, he still doesn't have a Masters title. However, Rublev has been a Masters finalist and his career-high ranking saw him sit at No. 5 in the world. Rublev has set big goals for himself as he is hoping to become a Masters and Grand Slam champion in the future.

This clay season, Rublev won Belgrade. Rublev has had a solid clay season so far and it remains to be seen how far can he go at the French Open.

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