Dominic Thiem opens on why he would love to play doubles with Rafael Nadal

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Dominic Thiem opens on why he would love to play doubles with Rafael Nadal

Dominic Thiem, Jannik Sinner and Fabio Fognini all named Rafael Nadal when asked with whom they would play doubles against Bjorn Borg and Guillermo Villas. Thiem and Nadal are well-known to each other, having met 15 times.

Thiem actually has a pretty solid record versus Nadal as he has won six of their 15 meetings. In YouTube video uploaded by the ATP, Thiem and several other players explained why they would like to play doubles with Nadal.

"I'll play with Rafa against Borg and Vilas," Thiem said. "Rafa - I know him pretty well. I played great matches against him, so it would be nice to play doubles with him." Sinner, one of the most talented players in the game, has a great level of admiration for Nadal and that's why he would absolutely love to play doubles with the Spaniard.

"I choose Rafa because I know him," Sinner said. " He is one of the greatest of all time. Yeah, me in doubles - I'm not so good. So, if we lose it's my fault (laughs)."

Fognini agrees with Thiem, Sinner, picks Nadal

"I will choose Rafa," Fognini said.

"Yeah physically, I think we are stronger [than Borg and Vilas]. So, I hope that works (laughs)." On the other side, Stefanos Tsitsipas said he would like to play doubles with Borg. Tsitsipas acknowledged he thinks there are some similarities between him and Borg and it would be interesting for him to team up alongside the Swedish tennis legend.

"I'll go with Bjorn Borg," Tsitispas said. "I just love the swing. People have been comparing me a little bit to him, saying that we have the same kind of style and also hair. Temperament? Maybe I'm off by a little." Meanwhile, Nadal and the rest are preparing for the French Open. The French Open kicks off this Sunday and Nadal will be among favorites for the title.

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