Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal is like a horse!"

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Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal is like a horse!"

Mats Wilander talked about Rafael Nadal and the upcoming Roland Garros 2022, and the chances of the Spaniard. Mats explaiend: "Rafael Nadal's entire career has been affected by injuries. I always compare Rafa to a horse: he will run as fast as possible and will give it all to the end.

His ability to strive has no limits, but he can't do anything about injuries. He will go on until a physical problem forces him to say enough. The truth is that he has learned to manage pain and has always come back in style after suffering an injury.

The time will come when he will have to raise the white flag. He had already assumed it last year, but the results of this start of the season have shown that he was wrong. In Rome, the pain in his foot made itself felt again, but Nadal will do everything to play his chances in Paris."

Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal is like a horse!"

Nadal had a fabulous start to the season, in which he won the Australian Open against all odds.

Coming back two sets of disadvantage to Daniil Medvedev in the final, the Spanish champion scored his 21st Grand Slam by beating Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the all-time standings. Rafa also became the fourth man in history to have won all the majors at least twice.

A stress fracture in a rib forced him to skip the first rounds on clay-courts, complicating his plans considerably. The 35-year-old from Manacor did not shine either in Madrid or in Rome, coming out rather battered from the challenge against Denis Shapovalov.

The pain in his foot has returned and Rafa expressed all his concern at a press conference. Nadal will be one of the main stars of the Roland Garros 2022 along with his countryman Carlos Alcaraz and the world no.1 Npvak Djokovic.

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